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Electronic quantitative scale

Electronic quantitative scale: Model DCS-50A
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Product Description

Electronic Quantitative Scale: Model: DCS-50A

1. This electronic scale is suitable for rice, grains, roasted seeds and nuts, feed particles, sugar and other granular 

materials, etc., quantitative weighing packaging. 

2. This is the new dual display CNC instrument, stable performance, which can display the cumulative weight, packaging 

quantity, more simple and fast operation. 

3. It has wide quantitative range, high precision, with the table can be lifted or selected automatic lifting conveyor, a multi-

purpose machine, high efficiency. 

4. It is adopted imported sensors, pneumatic actuator, reliable work, simple maintenance. 

5. It is reserved communication interface, which can achieve data communication management with the host computer. 

6. We can choose automatic hot coding, automatic sewing bag automatic cutting, automatic lifting conveyor and other 



Technical Parameters
Packing Range5-50kg
Scale interval20g
Power ConsumptionAC220V, 50Hz
Air Consumption0.4-0.8MPa
Operating structurePneumatic device
Accuracy gradex (0.2) x (0.1)

Warranty Info

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